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How does it work and what's the catch?

How it Works

Housesitting couldn't be simpler: A housesitter cares for the owner's house and pets, if any, while the owner is absent for whatever reason. This means the owner enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that the house is being lived in (itself the most effective form of security) and any pets cared for. In return for accepting these responsibilities, the sitter enjoys free accommodation for the duration of the owner's absence, or whatever other period is agreed to. This may be as brief as a few days, or several months. Even housesits in excess of a year are not unknown.

What's the Catch?

There's none really. From the Owner's viewpoint, it’s easy to gain the peace of mind available from having your home looked after by a mature Housesitter member of SeniorSitters. Furthermore, it’s free! From the housesitter's viewpoint it's a wonderful opportunity to see new places and make new friends, and it's all free!

All the sitter need pay for is food, local transport and getting to and from the housesit. (Occasionally the owner will require payment for local utilities, phone, etc, although, in our experience this is exceptional in the case of more mature sitters, such as SeniorSitters members.

In short, therefore, SeniorSitters opens up an exciting world of opportunities provided by housesitting, showing how you can broaden your horizons — and save money too!

How do we find these free holidays?

Listings are on our associated website, HouseCarers.com, where you can browse opportunities available in your own city, state, country - or worldwide. However, while you can see what's available, you are only able to contact homeowners when you have paid the HouseCarers low annual membership fee of just $55 - which provides WORLDWIDE access! And, as a SeniorSitters member you get a 10% discount of this already low fee.

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Did you know?...

In the past year, opportunities have been available in no fewer than 65 countries. (See their flags below)

The most recent to offer housesitting opportunities is Barbados,
while our latest Featured Opportunity is in the beautiful Balearic Islands of Spain

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House and pet care needed
for Dog and Cats from Sep 8 to Oct 10

House Sitter Needed for lovingjulie


Mallorca, Felanitx, Balearic Islands, Spain
Sep 8,2014 until October 10

We are a couple in our 40s and are looking for housesitters to take care of our house, cats, dog and garden while we are away.

The house we live in is a traditional spanish finca on the island of Mallorca. In 2009 the 200 (+) year old house was fully renovated with floor heating, large rooms, open fire place, pool, private driveway, high quality facilities & interior, outdoor barbecue, big terraces, etc.

Furniture, rugs and interior design are of highest quality.

This house is our little paradise and a gem really. Situated in an idyllic setting with ocean view, absolute quiet, remote in nature, fruit and olive trees around, it is the ideal place to relax, retreat and unwind. Also great for sport activities, such as tennis, golf, water sports, biking or hiking, all available close by.

During your stay here, we kindly ask you to take care of our three cats, our 1½ year old brown Labrador, the plants and the garden. A lot of the time the cats are out and about, but obviously need to be fed regularly and of course love being cuddled. The potted plants, the lawn as well as the veggie garden need to be looked after, like watering, weeding or mowing.

Bodhi, our dog, needs regular walking twice a day, loves swimming, playing and cuddles.

Over all it is easily doable, doesn't require any special skills, but basic understanding of pets and plants and ideally experience with dogs.

House Sit Pictures from lovingjulie

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You need a holiday — but are worried about home security, garden, pets, and so on...


You're over 50 and want to have Great Holidays — and save money too

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SeniorSitters provides links to enable Homeowners to offer housesitting opportunities specifically to active, mature Housesitters aged 50 and over.   

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And, best of all, SeniorSitters membership is Free! 
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In the past year, through SeniorSitters and our associate, HouseCarers, housesitting opportunities have been offered in no fewer than
65 countries

represented below by their flags...
How many do you recognise?

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