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How does it work and what's the catch?

How it Works

Housesitting couldn't be simpler: A housesitter cares for the owner's house and pets, if any, while the owner is absent for whatever reason. This means the owner enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that the house is being lived in (itself the most effective form of security) and any pets cared for. In return for accepting these responsibilities, the sitter enjoys free accommodation for the duration of the owner's absence, or whatever other period is agreed to. This may be as brief as a few days, or several months. Even housesits in excess of a year are not unknown.

What's the Catch?

There's none really. From the Owner's viewpoint, it’s easy to gain the peace of mind available from having your home looked after by a mature Housesitter member of SeniorSitters. Furthermore, it’s free! From the housesitter's viewpoint it's a wonderful opportunity to see new places and make new friends, and it's all free!

All the sitter need pay for is food, local transport and getting to and from the housesit. (Occasionally the owner will require payment for local utilities, phone, etc, although, in our experience this is exceptional in the case of more mature sitters, such as SeniorSitters members.

In short, therefore, SeniorSitters opens up an exciting world of opportunities provided by housesitting, showing how you can broaden your horizons — and save money too!

How do we find these free holidays?

Listings are on our associated website, HouseCarers.com, where you can browse opportunities available in your own city, state, country - or worldwide. However, while you can see what's available, you are only able to contact homeowners when you have paid the HouseCarers low annual membership fee of just $55 - which provides WORLDWIDE access! And, as a SeniorSitters member you get a 10% discount of this already low fee.

For Worldwide housesitting opportunities and a 10% discount for SeniorSitters members click here or on the logo below to go straight to our Affiliate's website

Did you know?...

In the past year, opportunities have been available in no fewer than 66 countries. (See their flags below)


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Cat and Flat Sitter
needed for beautiful rooftop flat in
Hampstead, London

Location: Hampstead, North London, England
Availability: Jul 30,2015 For minimum 3, more likely 4weeks

We live in a beautiful three-bedroom maisonette flat with a roof terrace overlooking London and a gorgeous communal garden. For the summer holidays, we are looking for a lovely, warm, tidy cat+flat sitter for our home and our beautiful one year old loving Ragdoll siblings, Moonlight and Sunshine.

The flat is ideally located for breakfast in picturesque Hampstead Village (7 mins walk) or stocking up on groceries at any of the three nearby supermarkets (Waitrose, Sainsbury and Tesco), all within 5 mins walk on West End Lane in West Hampstead. Moreover, bus routes to Baker Street, Oxford Street or Victoria stop 2 mins from our front door.

Our flat is on the 2nd floor of a residential building. The other three flats are all owner-occupied too, so should issues arise they can be dealt wonderfully promptly.

Our cats are amazingly tidy, very loving with each other, and with the most gentle and patient personality one can find. They are constantly surrounded by 5yr and 6 yr olds and have never (!) scratched or bitten one of them (despite their sometimes rather inconsiderate handling).

We haven't made definite holiday plans yet, but summer camps finish on July 27 so chances are, we are looking for someone to come in from early August and stay for 3-4 weeks.

House Sit Pictures from shoshanade
Roof terrace with views over London. Click here for photo gallery

Click here for details from our associate site, HouseCarers.com


Click on the flag to go to the official tourist board for England  website

You need a holiday — but are worried about home security, garden, pets, and so on...


You're over 50 and want to have Great Holidays — and save money too

... either way, you're in the right place!

SeniorSitters provides links to enable Homeowners to offer housesitting opportunities specifically to active, mature Housesitters aged 50 and over.   

The housesitting site of SeniorSitters affiliate, HouseCarers.Com, is the Best on the Web, and SeniorSitters members receive a full 10% discount off  the already low HouseCarers access fee, exclusive to SeniorSitters members.

And, best of all, SeniorSitters membership is Free! 
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In the past year, through SeniorSitters and our associate, HouseCarers, housesitting opportunities have been offered in no fewer than
66 countries

represented below by their flags...
How many do you recognise?

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